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                                                               Body language

In this scenario, I directed two strangers to meet for the first time . I wanted them not to use verbal words but to communicate using a physical form of expression and human contact . I played background music to create an atmosphere of zen tranquility . I wanted them to improvise and follow their instincts on primal physicalization . In this modern world of technology people are being groomed to a fast pace of connection and not allowing the senses to respond and react freely . Human spirit is being conditioned by the nature of society and I wanted to release the pathos which we evolved. I wanted to engineer a meeting without prejudice and preconceived notions. I designed these clothes for them to break the bounds of every day normality . Not to be judged or opinionated by their own appearance but to be liberated by my creations . There was no story to be told only to discover and develop without rules and regulations.







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